New Page: The Sonnets of Twenty-Fourteen

Hello Everyone,

Though I am doing my utmost to complete the final canto of Jezebel, there is a frustrating truth about narrative poetry and my life which I have recently had to accept: neither come easily, especially not when attempted together. Both require a difficult to initiate and almost impossible to sustain effort. Attempting both simultaneously seems, at this moment, like trying to outdo Shakespeare with the poetic sensibility of a television Republican. However, I continue to persist, and I will hopefully finish the poem soon. In the meantime, I have added a new page, “The Sonnets of Twenty Fourteen”, to the site which will include all of the lyrics of that antique design which I have written in the past two months and onward, to the end of this year. It is a small project which I hope will yield some acceptable results. I will continue to add poems as they come to me. I hope that you will enjoy reading them.
Byron N.M. Kappes

Books I and II of “All for Show”

Dear cherished readers,

I have just now added a new page which contains Books I and II of “All for Show: A Mock-Epic Satire”. Only these two “Books” of the poem currently exist, but more shall come, and the poem is expected (by myself) to be at least twice as long as it currently is, and possibly longer than that. The poem’s subject is the convoluted political battle between two equally powerful parties in the quasi-democratic government of a fictional country (“Faerie Land”), as well as the crisis of conscience of a member of one of those two political parties, his adventures among the non-governmental public, urban and rural, and his explosive and possibly ill-advised conclusions upon the nature of leadership. I am, in writing this poem, attempting a great deal of stylistic and generic combination: the satirical and the serious; the practical and the indulgent; the subjective and the objective; generally, the realistic and idealistic, or fantastic. I have much more planning to do before I can actually write any more of the poem, and I must first compose the final canto of “Jezebel” (as I want to have that work completed within the month), so that this poem will not be in a state of even relative completion for at least another year, possibly longer. However, I believe the result will be worth the time and effort, and worth your time and attention.

My most heartfelt wishes for your continued happiness,

Byron N.M. Kappes

Three New Pages

Hello again everyone,

I have since last night’s post created three new pages:

-The Fair Sisters Three
-The Absent Muse
-Jezebel: a Story in Four Cantos

The first two pages are complete poems, while Jezebel is nearing completion. Its first three cantos are complete, and I am currently focusing all of my poetic powers towards finishing the fourth and final canto. The first two Books of “All for Show” will be posted on yet another exclusive page fairly soon.
Best wishes,

Greetings Everyone

After a year or so of neglect (the result of my now resolved insecurity in publishing my poetry, that work of my mind, heart and spirit – even of my body, on the internet), I have decided to clean up, and claim absolute ownership of it as the domain in which I will house all of my poetic creations past, present, and future. My intention is to settle each of my longer poems, or each of my collections of shorter poems, within their own separate pages, as opposed to the impermanent posts which I have been releasing them in, which can be found directly below my site’s banner photograph of The University of Western Ontario. There you will see links to the following pages:

-Home, where you can view all of my current and proceeding posts.
-About, regarding myself as a Romantic Boy-Poet.
-Contact Byron N.M. Kappes (self-explanatory, and I do encourage all who visit to contact me with any questions, concerns, or simply to discuss what I hope will be a shared passion between us – Poetry).

And, most importantly, the Poetry itself:

-Juvenile Poems, a selection of poems written during the advent of my career as a life-long Poet.
-Cadence: A Poetical Dramatization, (a radical re-rendering of the very first poem I ever attempted to create)
-The Vineyard, and Other Poems, which is a brief collection of lyric poetry written within the past year.

I hope that you will enjoy the current selections.

The Poetry that you may look forward to:
-Jezebel, a Story in Four Cantos, of which I have competed three and am about to commence upon the fourth and final.
-All For Show, A Mock Epic Satire, a longer poem written in a style adopted very loosely from Pope, with Byron’s Don Juan firmly in mind. As yet, All For Show, my most ambitious project to date, is less than half finished.
-The Fair Sisters Three will be given a page of its own,
as well as
-The Absent Muse

That sums the poetic output of the past three years of my life. My only hope is that you, the readers of my work (whoever you may be!) will find, if not anything else, enjoyment in what I have here offered you.